If interested to volunteer at Fairmont Heights High School (any interaction with any student), please complete the application process.

Volunteers must complete the online volunteer application. If you have previously completed the fingerprint background check and CPS clearance process and approved to serve as a volunteer, be sure to indicate that you are a “Returning Volunteer’’ on this application. Once approved, your eligibility as an approved volunteer will expire on June 30th of each academic year. All school volunteers must indicate their desire to continue as a volunteer each school year by renewing their volunteer application after July 1st of each new year.

To ensure safe schools for our students, PGCPS requires a fingerprint background check and Child Protective Services (CPS) clearance for each person who will provide volunteer services more than once each school year. These fingerprint background checks and CPS clearances help identify individuals with criminal offenses which may disqualify them from serving as a volunteer. The total fee for these clearances is $62.25 per applicant. If you are the parent/guardian of a student who qualifies for free or reduced meals, this fee is waived. Applicants must bring a copy of their eligibility letter to request a fee waiver. Please note that this is a one-time requirement for all volunteers. If you are a returning volunteer who has completed both the fingerprint background check and CPS clearance, you are not required to complete this step again.

All new volunteer applicants must complete and print this CPS Background Clearance form. The form is a fillable PDF and should be typed. Handwritten forms are not acceptable. Do not sign this form in advance. Please bring the completed form with you to initiate your fingerprint background check and CPS clearance.  There are multiple locations at which you can complete your fingerprint background check and CPS clearance.

Once you have completed your online volunteer application, you will receive an email with your unique Volunteer Identification Number (VIN). You will receive an email with a link to log in and complete the required training modules via the SafeSchools platform. Your VIN will now be used to track and monitor your completion of all volunteer requirements.