As Chairman of the FHHSAA 2024 Elections Committee, I would like to ensure you that we will have a fair and open election. The 2024 Elections Committee follows the guidelines for electing officers as described in the FHHSAA Constitution and Bylaws which are listed on our website at The Elections Committee receives the Nominations, verifies all candidates’ eligibility, prepares the Ballots, sends the Ballots to members in good standing, receives signed ballots, counts completed ballots, and announces election results.

The FHHSAA 2024 Elections Committee does not endorse, campaign for, or suggest any candidate over another. No preference will be given to any candidate(s). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming 2024 Election of Officers, please email us at: FHHSAAELECTION.24@GMAIL.COM

Garnelle Dent, Class of 1965
Chairman, 2024 Elections Committee
FHHS Alumni Association