Garnelle Dent, Co-Chairperson

Paula Cash (Class of 66)

Faye Martin Howell (Class of 71)

Lucretia Black (Class of 69)

Michael Marshall (Class of 63)

Albert Cooks (Class of 63)

Miquel (Mickey) McCloud (Class of 65)

Pierre Crutchfield (Class of 65)

Calvin McFarland (Class of 63)

Beverly Doxie (Class of 63)

Mary McKinney (Class of 63)

Jackie Fletcher (Class of 70)

Joyce Payne (Class of 58)

Myron Gray (Class of 63)

Alma Walker Pollard (Class of 63)

Terrecia Green (Class of 63)

Jeraldine Shorter (Class of 63)

Richard Green (Class of 63)

Sylvia Syphax (Class of 63)

Dennis Harrison (Class of 63)

Joseph Tolson (Class of 66)

The Legacy Committee ensures continuance of the illustrious legacy of Fairmont Heights High School as an institution of honor and educational excellence.

Key Activities We Perform:

  • We establish and maintain a working relationship with the PG Board of Education, PGCPS Administrators, FHHS Administrators, and staff. We maintain a current contact list (contact name, position, email, phone #, address, website).
  • We meet monthly with FHHS Administrators and as needed with the PG Board of Education PGCPS Administrators.
  • We manage the needed support identified by FHHS and stakeholders.
  • We establish and maintain relationships with the business community and other local organizations while developing a current list of their contact information (contact name, email, phone #, address, website) that can be used to develop sponsorship and donors.
  • Continue to work on the Mural Project.